How To

How to Claim an Airdrop:

The best way to get free tokens from any blockchain project is to be part of their airdrop / bounty program. You need to do simple tasks such as joining in their telegram, following them on twitter, liking them on Facebook, posting some content about the company. You will get more tokens if you can write good content or make a great video review about the project. All you need to have is an Ethereum wallet along with some social accounts.


Most of the Airdrops require participation in their social promotion campaign. To do so, you need to have an account in the social account. Check the company’s requirements before participating in an airdrop.

Wallet Address:

Check the Accepting wallet before claiming an Airdrop. All airdrops doesn’t accept an ETH wallet. Some companies allow few selected wallet addresses. In such case, you need to create a wallet address.


Once you have everything in order, Just click on “Claim Airdrop” button which will re-direct to the form that needs to be submitted. Perform all the tasks before submitting the form.

Chat with Bot:

Some companies ask you to chat with their telegram bot. in such case, the bot will assist you to perform the required tasks. You can check the balance once you’ve finished all the tasks.

Waiting Period:

Airdrop distribution always is in control of the company. Most of the time, Airdrop campaign starts before the Pre-ICO stage and airdrop distribution will start either during the ICO stage or after end of the ICO.


We always try to list only legitimate airdrops on our website. We don’t guarantee you the token allocation and are not responsible for any loss caused by fraudsters and scammers. We always suggest you to beware of the scams and never share your private keys, try to use a hardware wallet, always use unique and strong passwords, do not send any ETH or any other currency to an airdrop. Cryptocurrency space is full of scamsters who try to steal your currency. Please follow the above guidelines and stay safe.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any trouble in claiming an Airdrop / Bounty program.